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Why is Wind Power More Expensive Than Nuclear?

The current wholesale price for electricity from coal, gas and nuclear is about £50 per MWHr. Onshore Wind currently receives about £100/MWHr because of subsidies, and Off-Shore about £150 and single Farm Turbines receive £220/MWHr or more depending on their size. The more wind energy we add to the grid the higher the charges to consumers will be. Every extra turbine will add to the number of people in fuel poverty as bills rise.

A price of £89.50 has been agreed for the New Nuclear from Hinckley Point.

Why is it that Wind Energy, which is claimed to be the cheapest and most mature renewable is to be paid more than nuclear? And that is before hidden extra costs to expand the grid to remote places and to have large numbers of diesel generators on standby are included in the comparison.

Why is it that a Nuclear Power Station which is very expensive to build - Hinckley Point will cost about £16BN - can still supply power cheaper than Wind Turbines?

The current wholesale price for electricity generated from coal, nuclear and gas is about £50/MWHr. What will it do to consumer bills as we replace traditional power generation with wind power costing twice as much ?

Write to Your MP Now and Ask why it is that wind power which is supposed to be cheap is being paid more than nuclear.

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